Windows Installer Clean Up Utility

January 30, 2009 at 2:26 PM • by John Lueders

Sometimes Windows is unable to uninstall a program from the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ or ‘Program and Features’ (for Vista users) list.  In these situations, Microsoft has a free download to help remove the program from the ‘Add/Remove program’ list.  Note this does not uninstall the program from your computer, it just removes the information from the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ list in your computer’s Control Panel.

Product information page:;en-us;290301

The download link is on the page above.

When installing you will see Microsoft Office in the installation…this makes it feel like it is for Office products only.  This is not the case, it can remove any program’s installation information from your computer.




This is what the program looks like when it runs…just select the program that is not uninstalling and then click ‘Remove’.

This program is great when you need it.

Please use it with caution.

Windows Live Writer – Perfect Tool for Bloggers

January 27, 2009 at 10:57 PM • by John Lueders

Thought I would evangelize Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer today.
Windows Live Writer is a free program by Microsoft for bloggers everywhere.

Windows Live Writer runs on your computer (not in a browser) and links with your blog site.  It downloads your blog’s theme so that you can immediately see how the blog will look while writing inside of Windows Live Writer. I like it because it feels like I am typing in Word and it is easy to add pictures and add great effects and then click Publish and everything gets uploaded correctly.  Windows Live Writer is still being worked on but Microsoft has made great improvements to this free program and I know it is widely used among bloggers.  Windows Live Writer works with Wordpress and BlogEngine.Net (which this blog site uses).

  • Easily assign categories and tags to your post.
  • Add pictures easily and with visual effects (make the picture look like a polaroid for example)
  • Create photo album easily
  • Add maps, videos
  • Add plug-ins to extend Windows Live Writer
  • Set publish dates or publish blogs immediately

Baby John

Download Windows Live Writer
(the latest version is 14.0.8050.1202)

How to easily create PDFs, for free

January 13, 2009 at 9:45 PM • by John Lueders

This post is for everyone who wants to create PDFs…the PDF solutions below are easy and best of all free.

Solution #1

In our new program Tabula Rasa Professional Edition, you can draw event design/layouts.  To get these drawings to a PDF, we recommend that you download a free PDF print driver.  The best free PDF print driver that we have come across is by CutePDF.  The free download is small (1.54 MB) and easy to install and has no spyware or popup screens of any kind.

This is the full url:

After the CutePDF driver is downloaded/installed, you will see ‘CutePDF Writer’ as an option in your available printers list.


Select ‘CutePDF Writer’ and click ‘OK’…you will then be prompted to specify where the pdf is created on your computer.  Note: CutePDf does not place advertisement watermarks.

We recommend this technique for printing out Tabula Rasa Professional Edition canvas drawings so that they are easily sent to your clients, vendors, site coordinators.  This solution works for every program that you own that has the ability to print.

Solution #2 for Office 2007

Microsoft has made available a free 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in that saves documents to PDF.
Just click the link above and download and install.
After it is installed, you will see a ‘PDF or XPS’ option in the ‘Save As’ pop-out menu.


This add-in adds this ability to the following eight Office programs.

  • Microsoft Office Access 2007
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
  • Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2007
  • Microsoft Office Visio 2007
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007

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