How to run Windows programs on Mac computers

February 17, 2009 at 12:22 PM • by John Lueders

All of Elm Software’s products are designed for Microsoft Windows.  With that said, you can run our software (or any Windows based software) on newer Macs that have Intel chips and run Mac OS X.   Below are three possible solutions to allow Windows programs to run on your Mac.

Parallels and VMWare Fusion are approximately $79.95 USD.  They sometimes run rebate promotions bringing down the price by $20 USD or so.  Visit Apple and do a search for either Parallels or Fusion and you will see their current promotions.


Parallels and VMWare Fusion are, in my opinion, better than Bootcamp because of the experience.  Parallels and VMWare Fusion add an icon to your Mac dock.  Clicking on the icon brings up a window showing ‘Microsoft Windows’ (like the image below).  This is faster and very easy.


Bootcamp is a free solution from Apple.  Bootcamp allows you to use Windows on your Mac but you have to either start your Mac using the Mac operating system or the Windows operating system.  This is less convenient than the two options above but is free.

Also, with all three solutions you will need a Windows CD (XP or Vista are recommended).

Going forward, I hope that our software will be able to use open source efforts like mono-project to make windows based software easier to run on Macs and Linux computers….but for now the above is what we recommend.  Hope this helps.

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