Stop using Internet Explorer 6

April 1, 2009 at 12:49 PM • by John Lueders

We are joining the collective voice among website designers to advise our website visitors to stop using Internet Explorer 6 and upgrade to Microsoft’s most recent version…Internet Explorer 8.  Internet Explorer 6 is not compliant with today’s modern design concepts.  Basically, it doesn’t interpret the HTML ‘code’ correctly and will not show a webpage the way it was intended.  For example, this blog’s page header should look nice in all new browsers. In Internet Explorer 6, the menu above will render as text and will not look right at all.

We recommend that your download Microsoft’s newest browser, Internet Explorer 8.  It is solid (and actually faster than I expected).  Some of the more important features that you will get by upgrading are:

  • Security improvements and fixes.
  • Better rendering support for websites.
  • Enhanced privacy options.

We also recommend having a second or third browser installed on your computer.
Some options are:

By upgrading your browser, you will have a better experience surfing the web.


Below is our Google Analytics pie chart showing our visitor’s browsers by percentage. You can see that 60% of our visitors use Internet Explorer and 30% use Firefox, all other browsers take up the remaining 10%.

Google Analytics Browser Pie Chart

Further evaluation of this information shows that 22% of Internet Explorer users use IE6.  This actually means that 10% of all visitors to our site use Internet Explorer 6.  As time goes by, this number of Internet Explorer 6 users will decrease to 0%…the goal of this post is to simply help this process along.

Google Analytics IE Pie Chart

For additional reading about Internet Explorer 6, checkout this post by Scott Hanselman.
Also Google, ‘stop internet explorer 6’.


Please upgrade your browser today!

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