Windows Live Writer – Perfect Tool for Bloggers

January 27, 2009 at 10:57 PM • by John Lueders

Thought I would evangelize Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer today.
Windows Live Writer is a free program by Microsoft for bloggers everywhere.

Windows Live Writer runs on your computer (not in a browser) and links with your blog site.  It downloads your blog’s theme so that you can immediately see how the blog will look while writing inside of Windows Live Writer. I like it because it feels like I am typing in Word and it is easy to add pictures and add great effects and then click Publish and everything gets uploaded correctly.  Windows Live Writer is still being worked on but Microsoft has made great improvements to this free program and I know it is widely used among bloggers.  Windows Live Writer works with Wordpress and BlogEngine.Net (which this blog site uses).

  • Easily assign categories and tags to your post.
  • Add pictures easily and with visual effects (make the picture look like a polaroid for example)
  • Create photo album easily
  • Add maps, videos
  • Add plug-ins to extend Windows Live Writer
  • Set publish dates or publish blogs immediately

Baby John

Download Windows Live Writer
(the latest version is 14.0.8050.1202)

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