Resolution to Windows Vista Desktop not refreshing correctly

March 24, 2009 at 10:10 AM • by John Lueders

On some Windows Vista computers we have had some feedback about the screen acting inappropriately...the windows start button will show mostly white space...icons will not be clickable, basically things will not look right.

This is an known issue by Microsoft.

Microsoft has a fix for this behavior.

Please see the Microsoft Help and Support page about this issue:

To bypass the information and go directly to the hotfix page:


1. You will first need to validate your copy of Windows.  Click the ‘Continue’ button, circled below.


2. To run the validation tool, click ‘Continue’ (circled below) and then paste the code into the validation code textbox and click the ‘Validate’ button.


3. After validation, you will see the screen below with a ‘Download’ button and install the update from Windows.


4. After the update is installed, reboot your computer…Windows Vista should work as expected.

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