Solution to iDo closing when links are clicked

February 26, 2010 at 10:51 AM • by John Lueders


iDo Wedding Couple Edition and iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition use a grid control throughout the applications to show data.  Sometimes the grid control is not properly registered on our customers’ computers.  If this is the case, they are not able to get beyond the iDo home screen.  Whenever they click a link (Contacts, Invitations, Budget, etc.), the program produces an error and closes iDo unexpectedly. The steps below resolve this issue.


1) Close iDo.
2) Click on this link:
3) When asked to run or save the file, click Run.


4) Click Register.


5) Message boxes should then appear all with ‘registered successfully’ text.
6) Open iDo and all links should work as expected.

If this process does not resolve the error, please contact us and then we can schedule an online meeting if that is convenient for you.

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