Transferring iDo Wedding Couple Edition to a new computer

February 26, 2010 at 12:00 PM • by John Lueders

We find that many customers are buying new computers to replace their old ones, and they want to continue using iDo Wedding Couple Edition on their new computer.  The steps below help transfer your iDo software from your old computer (Computer A) onto your new computer (Computer B).

Back up your database on Computer A

  1. Close iDo on Computer A.
  2. Locate the iDo Database file on Computer A and right-click it and select ‘Copy’.
    Database file location: C:\Elm Software\iDo\Database\ido.elmdata
    Note: This file contains all the data that you have entered in iDo on Computer A.
  3. Paste the file onto a backup device (thumb drive/CD/email to yourself on an online account).

We recommend that you regularly back up your database in the event of a computer crash.

Install iDo onto Computer B

  1. Download iDo Wedding Couple Edition and save the installation to your desktop.
  2. Double-click and install iDo.
  3. Open iDo and enter your product key.  Contact Elm Software for your product key (if necessary).

Transfer the iDo database from Computer A to Computer B

  1. Make sure iDo is closed on Computer B.
  2. Copy the ido.elmdata from your backup device and save it to the following folder on Computer B: 
    Destination database file location:  C:\Elm Software\iDo\Database\
  3. When it prompts to ‘Replace existing file’, click Yes.
  4. Run iDo on Computer B and all of the data will be on computer B.
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