Using the Windows Vista File Explorer

March 17, 2009 at 11:08 AM • by John Lueders

When I am on the phone with a customer, we usually need to look at files on the customer’s computer. I usually say “Right-click on the Windows button and click ‘Explore’”.  By right-clicking on the Windows button (The ‘Start’ button for XP users) you will see a popup menu like the below image. 


Click ‘Explore’…this opens your File Explorer window. (see below)

This view is usually hard for customers to navigate.  The Favorite Links is not always helpful, we need to get to their ‘C:’ drive where all the files truly exist.


Then click the ‘Folders’ bar. (look at red arrow above)


Click the little icon (shown by the red circle above).
This minimizes the folders in your user specific folder.  We need to get to the C: drive…this is our goal.


Now we are looking at the computer’s folders.
You can see that under the ‘Computer’ icon, there is our ‘OS (C:)’.
This ‘OS (C:)’ is where all of your computer files exist…this is the place to be.


Elm Software recommends (and installs by default) all of its products in the C:\Elm Software folder.
This is where you will find information on all of our software products.

Shortcut Tip:  To open your file Explorer with your keyboard you can:
Press-hold the Windows button and the letter ‘E’.
The Windows button is usually between the Ctrl and Alt keys on the bottom left of your keyboard.

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